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OA Krav Maga

Get in shape, build confidence, change your life

Martial arts in Auburn AL won’t just fill your evening, it will change your life. It is rare to train under a Certified Black Belt in Krav Maga! Most “instructors” only attended a weekend or other short course in Krav Maga.

So what’s in it for you? Everyone knows Krav Maga will get you in shape, but did you know training self-defense in Auburn, AL will improve your mental health, help you perform better at work, help you sleep, and decrease your stress and anxiety?

Enroll today and become the best version of yourself.

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OA Krav Maga stands apart from the crowd. Here are a few of the advantages of our martial arts training:

  • Family

    We all love our families and thats what we are at OA Krav Maga. Thats what Krav Maga is about.
  • Self-defense

    There is a huge difference between sport and self-defense. Krav Maga was created for battle, not sport
  • Trust

    In a real-life situation, you need to be able to trust that the techniques will work. LD is a certified Black Belt by the Federation of Israeli MA.
  • Quality

    No cobwebs in the corners. No old worn out mats. No old and abused equipment. OA Krav Maga is clean and professional with brand new equipment.


  • The classes manage to be both serious and fun, plus you'll get a great workout. You'll learn invaluable self-defense skills while also becoming part of a great community.

    Mark Henderson


  • The instructor LD is awesome and the real deal. Not just certified as an instructor like some places, he holds a black belt in the art. The knowledge and atmosphere is excellent.

    Jason Stroman


  • Excellent workout and instruction! Highly recommend to develop defensive and offensive skills. Diverse group of students with many veterans.

    Jeff Simons


  • This place is beyond amazing!! If you want to learn to protect yourself and your loved ones, this is definitely the place. Come check it out and be trained to expect the unexpected

    Jeremy Ross


  • There were times when I said I was confident and he knew I wasn't. Trust him, trust the instruction and trust the techniques. It's worth every penny.

    Vanessa Norman


  • As a beginner and a woman, learning self-defense was out of my comfort zone and it was very important for me to find a place where I felt comfortable.

    Ashleigh Day


  • I would highly recommend giving the school a go if your have been considering an education in how to be prepared to make it home from an unfortunate encounter.

    Chris Loyd