Named, Best Krav Maga School in AL

“In January, 2021, our Instructor was inducted into the Israeli Martial Arts Hall of Fame when the Federation of Israeli Martial Arts named OA Krav Maga “The Best Krav Maga School in Alabama.”

OA Krav Maga is a family and your best choice for self-defense and martial arts training in Auburn, AL. Traditional Martial Arts are either sport based or designed for children. Krav Maga is not. Krav was created for war and it would be irresponsible to teach these skills to children, so we don’t. There are no youth classes, little dragons, little champs, or little warriors. There is no after school program or summer camp. We don’t do birthday parties. Instead, OA Krav Maga is an adult only, reality based, self-defense school. Our members are a diverse body of amazing people from all walks of life living in Auburn, Opelika, and Lee County, even Columbus, GA.

OA Krav Maga was created when our owner, originally from Montgomery, Alabama, retired from an elite special operations team near Washington, D.C. Being a certified Krav Maga Black Belt and having been teaching Krav Maga for years at the time, opening a Krav school was a logical transition. With the luxury of doing so anywhere in the world, our owner chose to bring this self-defense system back home to Alabama. Auburn and Opelika were the clear favorites.

OA Krav Maga offers adult Krav Maga and Self-Defense classes in Auburn, Alabama. Training is for adults, ages 19 and up in a clean, professional, safe, and friendly environment.

Come learn practical self-defense skills from a globally recognized expert in Krav Maga and Self-Defense.

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