Published: January 27, 2022

After a Krav Technique: A LEO Perspective

Law Enforcement Perspective- You got the gun now what.


Let’s create a picture. Pick a realistic scenario that you could find yourself in where some “bad guy” has pulled a gun on you. I don’t know what you have pictured, but whatever it is imagine yourself doing the gun strip that you would use in that particular situation. Good job, you got the gun and now you are barking orders to this village idiot that just threatened your life. A nearby police officer hears the commotion and comes to investigate. Now what?


I’m going to tell you exactly what is going to happen and how to diffuse and survive the situation. But first, let me explain why I make the following assertions as absolutes. Prior to opening my Krav Maga school, I was a State Trooper, K9 Handler, and SWAT Medic with one of the elite law enforcement agencies in the United States. I’ve been in fire fights and know the difference between the sound of a bullet going by your head towards the bad guy and one that goes by your head from the bad guy. I know the emotions of having another human being on the receiving end of a barrel. What follows is not an assumption or opinion and it behooves you to listen.


Back to our situation….


The law enforcement officer has no idea how this altercation started. They do not have the benefit of knowing the evolution of the moment they are currently in. All they know is an incident occurred and that you have a gun. If you don’t want your head to resemble a donut, pay attention.


First, you need to realize, accept, and be prepared for the fact that you are going to have a large caliber handgun pointed in one of two places: center mass or the center of your head. No police officer is trained to “shoot to wound”, despite what some political groups would like to see. Instead, if a law enforcement officer has drawn down on you, they are prepared to do one thing- kill you. The ones that have extra skill, are going to be three quarters of the way through there trigger pull. If you do not know what that means, there is a small distance that a trigger moves once it is pulled until the gun goes off. A skilled shooter is going to have already pulled the trigger ¾ of that distance so that the slightest movement releases the firing pin and causes the gun to fire. The reality of that is, if the officer has that extra skill, when they have their firearm pointed at you, they have already pulled the trigger ¾ of the way. Now there is a small number of officers that couldn’t hit the broad side of a barn and an even smaller number that if it really came down to it, would not be able to take the life of another human being (more on this in another post), but the majority have the ability and are willing to take your life if it comes to that.


Second, you have to control your emotions. The more amped up you are, the more amped up the officer is going to be. They are actually trained to match or exceed your level of intensity. Let the officer have control of the situation. He or she is going to take control whether you want them to have it or not, so when they get there go ahead and let them have it. Don’t try to explain what transpired – there is a time and place for that, neither of which is then and there. Slow your breathing, bring down your heart rate, keep your mouth shut, and ears open.


Third, do not make any quick or sudden movements. You have a gun. The officer does not have to wait on you to pull the trigger before they are authorized to use deadly force. If a reasonable officer in their situation would have thought their life was in danger, they can kill you and the courts will see it that way too.


Finally, do whatever the officer tells you to do. If that’s “drop the gun” then do it. If that’s “get down on the ground” do it. If they tell you to do the Macarena, then start dancing. This is not the time to argue. You have the gun. At the moment, you are the threat.


That’s it. Easy peasy – Four things you must do once law enforcement arrives. Let’s recap. Maintain your composure and know that you – the good guy – are going to have yet another gun pointed at you, remain calm and in control of your emotions, don’t make quick movements, and follow instructions. Simple huh? You will have your opportunity to explain what happened, while an officer has you at gunpoint is not the time to try.


Until next time,


Love, Peace, and Chicken Grease




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Published: January 27, 2022

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