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Looking for self-defense classes in Auburn, Alabama? You’ll gain practical, real-world self-defense skills in a safe, fun, and encouraging environment. Whether it’s your first class or you’re already a black belt, you’ll grow in confidence and your ability to defend yourself in our exciting, engaging Krav Maga classes. And, it’s a fantastic workout! Click the button below to get started today at our best rates ever:

OA Krav Maga


Krav Maga can easily save your life. Created in 1948, this martial art was made solely as the fighting style of the Israeli Military. Its purpose is self-defense and self-preservation. Its applcation is defending yourself or someone you love in real-life, reality-base situations.

OA Krav Maga’s self-defense training is for adults only. There are no uniforms, katas, ancient and useless traditions, or complex techniques. Our goal is to help our members avoid dangerous situations and provide the skills to quickly and effectively defend themselves when they cannot. Our cirriculum will provide you with techniques and strikes that will neutralize real-life attacks. you will then practice the techniques in different scenarios and circumstances, while emphasizing how to respond under stress.


When it comes to learning how to protect yourself, Krav Maga should be your first line of defense. Krav Maga was designed for the Iaraeli Defnese Force, but its beginnings come from one of the pioneers, Imi Lichtenfeld, as he developed techniques to defend Jewish communities during antisemetic violence in the 1930s and 1940s. Imi, a world champion boxer and wrestler, quickly learned that sport based martial arts like Jiu Jitsu, boxing, and Karate, even at an elite level, were useless when an attacker was not bound by rules, sportsmanship, or genuinely intended to harm you. Krav was created by incorporating elements from boxing, judo, akido, jiu jitsu, and karate, but adapted them to real-life violence rather than sport. Krav is famous for teaching students how to defend themselves in a manner that is highly effective, easy to practice, and quicly learned. We move the focus away from fancy techniques and complex combinations, instead placing its emphasis on efficient, natural defenses with simulataneous counter attacks targeting sensitive and vulnerable areas of an attacker’s body. Krav Maga in Auburn is not about bells and whistles or fancy moves that won’t work. We are here to provide you with the skills and tools that one day will save your life.



We get it- the idea of being attacked is either scary or seems unlikely. After all, this is Auburn, Alabama. It’s safe. Well… Not so much. You aren’t any safer here in Auburn, Opelika, or Lee County that you are anywhere else. You just hear about it less. A lot gets swept under the rug for obvious reasons. At OA Krav Maga, we are not trying to make you live in fear. Instead, we are equipping you with the knowledge, skills, and experience to take back control and live in peace knowing you can defend yourself. Often, when individuals find themselves in a threatening situation, they freeze and shut down. OA Krav Maga won’t let that happen to you.

As you gain experience and a deeper understanding of how to defend yourself with Krav Maga, you will feel more confident in your ability to defend yourself. That confidence will help you escape a dangerous situation and you will see it carry over into your day-to-day life. Knowing you can defend yourself, your posture will change, your demeanor will change, your life will change.


Many people avoid learning self-defense due to intimidation, anxiety, or or just fear of the unknown. We want to put your fears to rest. OA Krav Maga is home to a one-of-a-kind community and embraces students of all backgrounds and experience levels. We believe that Krav Maga teaches skills everyone should have access to and we are eager to add YOU to the community. Join us today.


Here is what some of our members have said:

  • "I love the family I have found at OA Krav Maga. Thank you LD for offering your much needed gifts to our community!"

    Taylor Hayes

  • "LOVE training here. Evenings spent here are always the highlight of my week."

    Ashleigh Day

  • "Coming to the studio is like a meeting of friends and family."

    Mike Coulthard

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