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Absolutely. We would be happy to speak to your group - whether that be a group of employees or executives at a business, teachers or administrators at a school, church teams, realtor associations, student bodies, etc.... Pick the date, time, and place. You can even pick a narrow topic niche such as situational awareness, women self-defense, self-defense legalities, active shooter, verbal de-escalation, etc....

In Hebrew Krav Maga means "contact combat" and it is the Israeli form of hand-to-hand combat developed for the Israeli military after gaining their independence in 1948. Krav evolved from an earlier style of fighting known as KAPAP, an acronym for "Krav Panim el Panim" which means "face-to-face combat". It is also more of a blend of different martial arts than a distinct style. In fact, Krav consists of KAPAP, Jui Jitsu, grappling, wrestling, Akido, Judo, boxing, Muay Thai, traditional karate, Filapino knife fighting, and weapon defenses. Essentially, the creators and pioneers took the best and most effective parts of all the different martial arts and combined them into the best form of self-defense, personal protection, and defensive tactics in the world. Today, Krav Maga is taught to law enforcement agencies and military units all over the world and is the most popular and effective form of civilian self-defense on the planet. You will learn how to defend yourself from real world violence, get in the best shape of your life, and have fun in the process.

First, ALL martial arts are great. Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Muay Thai, Kickboxing, Karate, MMA, and most others are all tremendous arts, build character, and teach physical skills that are awesome. However, there is a huge difference between Krav Maga and all of them. Without exception, those martial arts are sports. MMA, Taekwondo, Karate, Muay Thai, Judo, Wrestling, and Boxing are all official Olympic sports. The only reason Jui Jitsu is not an Olympic sport is the IOC (International Olympic Committee) decided that it was too similar to Judo. Competitions have rules. Competitions have illegal techniques because they are likely to cause injury to opponents. Competitions have referees to ensure safety. Competitions have 1st place, 2nd place, and so on. Many of those other arts, in an attempt to capitalize off the self-defense market, have adapted themselves to be self-defense oriented, but they are and will always be a sport. The ones with integrity will even admit it. Krav Maga on the other hand was developed as a means of self-preservation for the Jewish people to be able to defend themselves against well-trained and well-armed soldiers. Real life has no rules. When you are attacked by someone who wishes to cause you harm, there is no referee to ensure no one gets hurt. There are no techniques that are prohibited because someone might get injured. If you are attacked by someone with a knife, you are the winner if you survive. So, while most arts were developed as a game, Krav Maga was developed for war. If someone comes to our school wanting to train for an MMA type of event, we are going to refer them to a BJJ or MMA school. That's just not what we do or what Krav is for.

BEST question you could ask!!! There are a lot of phonies out there - phony arts, phony schools, and phony instructors. Unfortunately, they are going to get someone killed one day. Sports, something you learned from a video, or something you learned in a weekend seminar aren't going to work when someone is trying to kill you. In a dojo or training environment sure, but not on the street or in a fight for your life. Anywhere you train, especially if its for self-defense, you should make the instructor(s) prove their credentials to you, and then verify them. Don't just take a piece of paper with their name and the word "Instructor" on it at face value. Do your homework - organizational backing and credibility, signatures of well know and highly regarded experts on their instructor certificate and black belt diploma (if they even have one), Google and Facebook reviews, etc... Krav Maga is the Gold Standard for Self-Defense. It is what everything else is measured against for the purpose of defending your life. But if you are here, you probably knew that. Our owner and instructor is a certified Black Belt and Instructor in Krav Maga and is recognized globally as an expert in Krav Maga and Self-Defense. That certification is by the Federation of Israeli Martial Arts (FIMA), the worldwide, non-political, governing, unifying and certifying body that supports and promotes Israeli Martial Arts and Self-Defense. He is also the FIMA Krav Maga Representative for the entire State of Alabama. Our training didnt come from YouTube or some weekend seminar. Instead we spent over a decade training under the most elite Krav Maga experts in the world, IDF Krav Maga instructors and other FIMA experts among them. We have taught civilians, military and law enforcement personnel in multiple states. Also, our owner and head instructor was inducted into the Israeli Martial Arts Hall of Fame and OA Krav Maga was named the "Best Krav Maga School in the State of Alabama." In short, we have the training, credentials, organizational backing, and are happy to prove it. We wouldn't be willing to train anywhere that wasn't and you shouldn't be either.

It's really simple. Send us a txt or give us a call to determine what class format, frequency, and membership you are interested in. We will need some basic info to create your member profile. Once that is done you will receive a secure link from our billing software to set up your preferred method of payment and you are all set. When you arrive for you first class, we will give you your t-shirts and training gear and we will need you to sign a liability waiver. Now you are ready to start learning Krav Maga. The whole process takes 5-10 minutes.

Yes- you can. Krav Maga is notoriously for anyone. Keep in mind that Krav was developed as a means for the Jewish people to protect themselves. They needed a fighting system that anyone could learn and they needed to be able to do it quickly. Because Krav is so effective, it is taught to the Israeli military and other elite military units all over the world, as well as everyday people. We have trained men and women, grandfathers and grandmothers, moms and dads, even people with physical disabilities.

No. Krav Maga is only appropriate for adults. No Krav school anywhere teaches kids a complete and authentic Krav Maga curriculum. However, some Krav schools do teach a self-defense class for kids, that consists of age appropriate techniques. They take Krav Maga, water it down, and remove all of the techniques that could kill or seriously injure another person and then call it a Krav Maga Kids Program. Right now, our focus is teaching adults authentic Israeli Krav Maga. If you are interested for a martial art appropriate for a child we are happy to give you a recommendation for a great option in the area. That option just isnt us. That said, we get calls every week from parents wanting to enroll their kids in our classes. Currently, we refer those parents to a sport-based martial arts school that is designed for children. If demand continues, we will consider starting a kids program, but it will not be authentic Krav Maga and is not currently being planned.

No. We have limited time and a limited amount of space. Therefore, we only want students who are committed to Krav Maga, self-defense, and personal protection. That said, we understand that agreements can be intimidating. That’s why we give everyone a 30 day, 100%, no questions asked, satisfaction guarantee. In the first 30 days, if you are not 100% satisfied with our school or our classes, for any reason (from the color of the paint on the walls to the instruction or the value you receive, simply let us know and we will cancel your membership on the spot, no questions asked. Who else makes that bold of a guarantee.

Yes. Corporations, business, and executive groups, realtor associations, women's groups, sororities, church leadership teams, school administrators and teachers, law enforcement agencies, military units, and security teams are all frequent groups that request private group training. We can host your group at our facility or bring Krav Maga to you. We also do Self-Defense presentations and speaking engagements. You can pick the time, place, length, and even the topic.

We certainly hope not. Our instructor is an expert in Krav Maga, self-defense, defensive tactics, and is a certified instructor in Krav Maga and KAPAP. That expertise extends into being able to show you how to train safely and we take every precaution to ensure that you have a safe learning environment. With that said, this is self-defense and personal protection training. You will be learning how to defeat a violent attack. As such, injuries are possible, but not expected. Generally, injuries occur when students are attempting to perform techniques they have not been shown how to perform or fail to follow safety precautions. Serious injuries do occur as in any physical activity, but from our experience any injuries will likely be minor.

No. You wont have that silly uniform on when you get attacked someday, so there is no reason to train in one. Krav Maga is trained in street clothes.

In Krav Maga we do not wear a Gi (the traditional martial art uniform most people think of when they think of martial arts). Instead, most students wear soft, loose, comfortable clothing similar to what you might wear in a workout. We do not allow street shoes on our training floor. You may train barefoot, in socks (although it will be slippery), or in specialty shoes designed for training on mats (wrestling shoes, boxing shoes, etc...) Also, other than a wedding band (if applicable), do not wear jewelry. Earrings and other jewelry can easily damage the training floor. More importantly, jewelry poses a safety hazard to you, training partners, and other students.

The short answer is, it depends. For group classes, the long answer is, the cost of your training program will be dependent upon your goals, availability, training frequency, class format, special events, and other optional services. For seminars and presentations, we need to know the length you want the seminar to be, if your group is coming to our facility or if you want us to bring this experience to you. We also need to know the number of people you want us to teach. Without knowing all of this person/entity-specific information, it is impossible to quote a cost. Generally, there ends up being a program to fit most any budget. We would love the opportunity to meet you, learn about your goals. We also have to make sure that you are a good fit for Krav Maga and our school. If you are, we will be able to tell you exactly how much the cost will be and discuss payment options. Whatever program you choose, we are certain the value you receive will greatly outweigh the cost. We will even give you a full 30 day, 100%, satisfaction guarantee. In the first 30 days, if you are not 100% satisfied for any reason, just let us know and we will cancel your membership, no questions asked. Also, regarding Krav, think about what you are learning and why you were interested in the first place. When you strip away all the fluff, Krav Maga teaches you how to fight for your life - this isn't your kids anti-bully class. You were likely interested because you realized how crazy this world has become and you wanted the skills to protect yourself or your family when the situation presents itself. What is having those abilities and skills worth? What is the value of your life? Priceless!

Absolutely. Every member that joins our school gets a 30 day, 100%, no questions asked guarantee - In Writing!!! If at anytime during the first 30 days you change your mind, for any reason, simply let us know and we will cancel you membership on the spot... No questions asked. We don't want you in the school if you don't want to be there. Thats not beneficial for you or us. Also, the amount that you are paying for your membership is not worth treating someone unfairly or not doing the right thing. If you don't LOVE it, let us know and we will make it right. We will cancel your membership, thank you for giving us the opportunity, and apologize for not delivering.

Yes. For various reasons many people prefer to train privately rather than in a group environment. However, most of our members train in group classes. Private instruction is reserved for very specific situations and is also significantly more expensive than group classes.

No. Even an amateur fighter requires a significant amount of time from their coach. We simply do not have the time to devote to such an endeavor. Our focus is on running our school and providing you with awesome training and helping you live a life in safety and peace. If we were to take on an aspiring fighter, your training would suffer- and that’s not ok. We do teach Kickboxing, but the individual attention that would be needed by an aspiring fighter is just prohibitive for us. If MMA competition is something you are interested in doing, we would suggest looking for a gym or school that specializes in MMA and sport based fighting. There are at least two here in Auburn. Either of them is likely a great option. We know one of one of those school owners personally and will highly recommend him and his school. The other is probably great as well, but we do not know them personally or professionally, and cannot vouch for the training you would receive. The best thing to do, might be to find someone involved in that industry and ask them to recommend a gym for training.

This is typically a service desired by organizations, however in theory it could be provided to individuals or families. Threat assessments involve preemptively identifying vulnerabilities, developing tactics and strategies to overcome them, and training for their implementation. Vulnerabilities could include acts of violence, active shooters, invasions, medical incidents, fires, or any other dangerous situation that could compromise safety and security.

Yes. Everyone is a beginner their first day. Classes are divided into skill and experience levels. You will not be in a class feeling lost while a bunch of black belts seem to know everything. In addition, Krav Maga is taught as a progression. You will learn a skill and then build upon it. Experience simply isn't needed and is actually beneficial because there are no bad habits to correct.

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