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Published: January 13, 2023

HOPE Is Not A Self Defense Strategy

“Hope” Won’t Keep You Safe

  • 97% of all women are sexually assaulted, raped, or violently attacked at some point in their life.
  • 96% of all men are violently attacked or threated with a gun at some point in their life.

So not if, but when, will you be the victim of a violent attack?

Can you defend yourself?

If you are not training real life, modern, self-defense, you are essentially hoping you won’t get attacked.

I “hope” you had a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.  I “hope” you enjoy your weekend.  I “hope” my children realize one day how much I love them.  I “hope” the price of gas goes down.

And yes, “I ‘hope’ I don’t get attacked.”  But… I am not risking my life on that hope.  If I do get attacked, I have the skills to end that threat and attack.  I want you to have those skills too!

Maybe you grew up having to fight (literally) for everything you had.  Of all the untrained possibilities, this is the one most likely to allow you to defend yourself, because you have a fighter’s mentality.  However, experience, or even success, in those school yard fights, back yard tussles, bar room brawls, etc… won’t do you a bit of good if you get attacked by someone with a weapon or someone with evil intent.

Maybe you did martial arts as a kid.  I’m sorry, but there is a little too much rust on those 20+ year old skills to realistically have a chance of successfully neutralizing a violent attacker.  In addition, Mr. Miyagi’s crane kick isn’t going to work in a real-life violent attack.  That stuff is for a dojo, not the streets.  Furthermore, despite Hollywood portrayals, tremendous marketing budgets, and what martial art instructors claim, padded suits, trying to score points, rolling around on the ground, etc… aren’t real self-defense skills.  Those are sports and kid’s activities that attempt to use those skills for self-defense.  Will they work?  Maybe – if you get lucky and find yourself in the perfect situation.  BUT…. You are being attacked.  The situation is already not perfect!  So, all you have left is luck.  You are essentially playing the lottery with your life.

Maybe you are a jacked powerlifter with a mean streak.  Strength and power are great attributes IF you have the training, technique, and skills to go with them.  However, without those skills, you are just going to be a big and strong victim of violence.  That thick, yoked neck actually makes you easier to choke.  Those huge, but tight muscles, make your joints easier to break.  I’d much rather have to fight a strong and muscular untrained individual than I would a scrawny pipsqueak with training.

Maybe you carry a concealed firearm everywhere you go and train with it daily.  So do police officers and they get killed every day.  Your concealed firearm will get you killed for the same reasons police officers get killed.  The first reason is you simply aren’t fast enough – sorry.    Police officers are on high alert all the time.  In every situation, they are anticipating the individual they are dealing with trying to attack and kill them.  They stand and act like they do when you interact with them for a reason.  However, expecting you to attack them, being trained to observe and watching for the slightest indication of violence, they still get killed every day.  The simple truth is, you will not be able to observe a situation, orient yourself to it, determine that it is dangerous or violent, decide how to act, and then perform that act in enough time.  ie…. You can’t get attacked, realize it, decide to pull your gun, draw, aim, and fire before it’s too late (and that’s with the advantage of assuming you don’t have to chamber a round or click off safe).  In law enforcement there is something called a “21 ft rule” that has been tested and scientifically proven repeatedly.  The gist of that rule is, if you have a holstered firearm, an attacker is within 21 ft of you with a knife, and that attacker charges and tries to stab you, it is impossible to observe the threat, orient to it, make the decision to draw your firearm, and draw, aim, and discharge that firearm before the attacker stabs you.  Skilled shooters usually don’t believe it, but expert marksmen, SWAT operatives, and military operators have proven this time and time again.

Just so we are clear about what I’m referring to…. It’s not the drunk, obnoxious guy in the bar.  Nor is it the rude and annoying people that live in the apartment beside you.  I’m also not referring to workplace bullying.  Instead, I’m referring to a violent, possibly psychotic, criminal that intends to either kill or seriously injure you.

When that violent attack happens jiu jitsu isn’t going to save you.  The karate you haven’t practiced in at least two decades isn’t going to save you.  All the fights you were in in high school aren’t going to save you.  Your muscles and bench press record aren’t going to save you.  Even the firearm you carry every day isn’t going to save you.  I’m sorry, but the ugly reality is, you are just hoping you don’t get attacked.

My hope is that you never get put in a situation where you have to fight for your life, because one more victim is one to many.  Furthermore, You are probably not prepared to deal with the consequences that flow from defending yourself.

If you want to put your hopes in other things and start learning how to really defend yourself or your family, I would love to be involved in your journey.  Reach out any time to schedule a time to meet with me so that I can help you discover the peace and freedom that comes with being able to defend yourself from real world violence.

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Published: January 13, 2023

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