Published: November 19, 2022

Self Defense in Auburn and Opelika, Alabama

Self defense in Auburn, Alabama.  Self defense in Opelika, Alabama.  Self defense in Lee County, Alabama.  Its just different here.  Crime here is different.  Criminals operate differently.  An hour and a half away in Atlanta, an hour away in Montgomery, or 30 minutes away in Columbus is different than in the Plains.

Martial arts are sport activities for children.  Kickboxing classes are usually taught as a fitness class rather than a striking class.  MMA and Jiu Jitsu are combat sports for adults and can also be confidence boosters and good physical activities for kids.  But…

How much, if any, is real world self defense.  Most advertise and claim to be for self defense, so they must be right?  Ehh.  Sort of, maybe, not really….

Jiu jitsu can be applied to self defense.  MMA can be applied to self defense.  Kickboxing (if its striking focused instead of fitness) can be applied to self defense.  But are any of them a self defense system?  No.  That’s where Krav Maga comes in.

Jiu Jitsu consists of joint locks and chokes with some takedowns.  If you needed to defend your life could you do so successfully with one of those joint locks or chokes?  Maybe.  But those choke and joint locks won’t do you any good if the attacker is throwing powerful punches and kicks, pulls out a knife, or has a gun.

Kickboxing and Muay Thai includes powerful punches, kicks, knees, elbows, and using them in combinations. Would that work in a self defense situation?  Maybe.  But, those strikes are useless if the attacker is armed with a weapon, you aren’t on your feet, or the attacker can grab you.

Walk into a Karate or Taekwondo school and ask for a weapon.  You might be shown a ninja star, tonfa, bo staff, sword, kama, or nunchaku.  Very little of the training is with those weapons and almost none of it is against them.

Walk into an MMA school and ask to see a weapon.  The only hope there is that one of the instructors or students carries a gun in their bag.  Weapons are not a part of the sport of MMA.

Walk into a BJJ school and ask to see a weapon.  You will get the same thing.  Maybe someone pulls out a pocket knife of their gym bag, but that about the only thing you will see.  There is no reason for them to have weapons because it is a sport, not self defense, and you cant use weapons in sports.

But guess what…. When you need to use self defense in a real life situation, there will be a weapon, and the person attacking you is going to have it.  Active shooter, armed robbery, abduction, etc…, those attackers are all armed and using a modern day deadly weapon.  At a minimum, they are brandishing one and threatening to use it as an intimidation factor.

A jab, cross, hook only gets you killed in those situations.  Being able to pass guard and execute a triangle choke is useless.  The MMA cage fighting skills don’t translate to having a loaded gun pointed to your head.

Martial arts, to include jiu jitsu and MMA, are all great.  Jiu Jitsu is great.  MMA is great.  Kickboxing, Karate, Taekwondo, Judo are all great.  But they are all sports!!!!  Sports are not for a perverted rapist trying to have his way with a petite woman.  Sports are not for the jackass that’s forcing you into a van.  Sports aren’t for the crackhead with a gun to your head looking for money to buy drugs.  Sports are not for the scumbag trying to take your kids.  Sports are not for the thug that breaks into your home.

That is exactly what Krav Maga is for.  Real World – Real Life – Violent Attacks.

That’s why Krav Maga is the foundation for women’s self defense classes.  That’s why the Marine Corp Martial Arts Program was written by Krav Maga experts.  That’s why Krav Maga was created for and is taught to men and women in the Israeli military.  That’s why Krav Maga experts travel the world teaching Krav Maga to elite Special Forces and law enforcement agencies.

In Krav Maga you learn Jiu Jitsu for ground fighting; you learn Kickboxing to deliver devastating blows to your attacker; you learn Judo throws and wrestling takedowns; you learn combative techniques; you learn to disarm attackers with guns and knives; you learn to defend those guns and knives on the ground or in a car.  That’s because Krav Maga is self defense.

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Published: November 19, 2022

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